What is Sustainable Farming?

What is Sustainable Farming?

Today’s agricultural industry is facing significant problems. Pollutants and chemicals are causing widespread soil erosion. A lack of biodiversity has increased reliance on processed foods instead of fresh crops.  

The industry is aware that something must be done. They are urging farmers to follow sustainable farming practices. So, what does sustainable agriculture look like? Read on to find out.  

What is Sustainable Farming? 

Reduced Chemicals 

Many of the products farmers use to grow crops contain chemicals. Pesticides and fertilizers contaminate the soil, water, and plant life. They can also kill birds, fish, and insects.  

Farmers can do their part by working with crops that don’t require pesticides and fertilizer. They can also choose sustainable products that don’t harm the environment. For example, they can work with organic pesticides which are derived from natural sources and minimally processed.  

Regenerative Crops 

Some crops take years to grow. For example, trees can take close to 100 years to reach maturity. When trees are cut down, they are not easily replaced. Which is why deforestation has become a common problem worldwide.  

Farmers can help with deforestation by growing regenerative crops. They grow quickly so they do not increase deforestation. Manufacturers can also do their part by making products with regenerative sources.  

Conserving Water 

Crops require a lot of water to stay healthy. Farmers can conserve water by using low-pressure irrigation systems. They deliver water where it is needed and reduce evaporation and overwatering risk.  

Farmers can also work with crops that do not require a lot of water.  

Crop Rotation 

Crop rotation brings diverse microorganisms to the soil improving overall health. It also controls pests by introducing crops that may feed one insect breed but starve another.  

Farmers can also choose crops that add nutrients to the soil like bamboo, radishes, oats, clover, and hemp.  

Cover Crops 

Cover crops are cool water plants that cover the ground between growing seasons to prevent soil erosion. Farmers can also use them to feed livestock. They are a money-saving alternative to feed hay and silage.  

Why Bamboo is the Perfect Crop? 

Bamboo is a crop that supports sustainable agriculture. It is highly regenerative, growing as much as 4 centimeters (about 1.57 in) per hour. It produces oxygen and absorbs greenhouse gases. Additionally, it stores water and prevents soil erosion.  

The plant can also be used to make almost anything including furniture, home goods, and paper products. It reduces reliance on trees to prevent deforestation. It is a strong, versatile material.  

Bamboo is especially effective as a toilet paper material. It uses chemical-free bleaching, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Its biodegradability means fewer clogs in your plumbing and even more environmental benefits.  

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