How to Create a Green Office Environment

How to Create a Green Office Environment

Companies need to create a green office environment because reaching environmental goals requires more than an eco-friendly home. Businesses must do their part as well. Companies must create eco-friendly offices that will impress their customers, please their employees, lower their energy bills and help them contribute to a healthier environment.  

How do you make your office more sustainable? Here are some helpful solutions. 

How to Create a Sustainable Office 

Reduce Reliance on Artificial Lighting 

You can reduce your reliance on artificial lighting by creating an office setup that utilizes natural light. Place desks near windows. Open blinds or use transparent wall coverings that allow sunlight to filter through.  

If additional light fixtures are necessary, utilize ones that are solar-powered or LED. They last longer and use less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. They will reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills.  

Choose Sustainable Fixtures and Supplies 

Sustainable fixtures and supplies are made with all-natural materials that won’t harm the environment. They are recycled and/or recyclable so they reduce the need for manufacturing. They also tend to be more durable, lowering waste.  

Sustainable materials integrated into office furnishings include hemp, FSC wood, and recycled fabrics. Look for these materials when you are office furniture shopping. Buy from companies that make a sustainability promise to ensure you are doing your part to help the environment.  

Go Paperless  

Once upon a time, paper was a big part of an office environment. Paper use means killing trees that take years to regenerate. It leads to deforestation which releases carbon into the environment and leaves plants and animals without a home.  

Today, many offices are reducing paper use. Do your part by saving files on your computer rather than printing them. Work with vendors to have bills sent via email rather than snail mail.  

Go Remote When Possible 

A remote workplace eliminates the need to commute. It reduces cars on the road and the carbon emissions they create. It has also been shown to increase employee productivity and satisfaction.  

Not every workplace can go completely remote, but even a hybrid model can help. Consider which employees can do their jobs just as easily from remote locations. You can have employees stay home on certain days and come into the office when necessary.  

Create a Sustainable Bathroom 

The bathroom is a major source of environmental and water waste. You can make your office bathroom more sustainable by using water-saving faucets, low-flow toilets, and sustainable supply materials. You can also hang signs that encourage employees to turn off faucets when not in use.  

Further integrate sustainability into your bathroom by using bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is made from a regenerative crop that does not promote deforestation. It's highly biodegradable so it won’t clog your pipes and increase repair costs.  

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Contact us to learn how to create a sustainable office that promotes business growth.   

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