What are Forever Chemicals?

What are Forever Chemicals?

Forever friends, forever love, forever chemicals. One of these doesn’t belong. It doesn't provide that same warm, fuzzy feel of eternity and unconditionality.  

If you chose forever chemicals as the ‘odd man out’ you’re absolutely correct.  

Forever chemicals are so called because they stick around forever. They are nearly indestructible. And grossest of all cause health risks in the body and in the environment.  

What are Forever Chemicals?  

Forever chemicals are another name for PFAs (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). They are difficult to break down in the body and the atmosphere. PFAs move quickly so they are hard to contain.  

PFAs can be found almost anywhere. They are used in manufacturing facilities to produce clothing, home goods, and food packaging items. Because they are so prevalent, they can contaminate our drinking water.  

Forever chemicals can cause various health conditions. They have been linked to cancer, liver and thyroid issues, reproductive issues, birth defects, and hormone disruptions. They can also reduce vaccine effectiveness.  

What Products Contain PFAs Chemicals? 

Clothing: PFAs are often used in clothing manufacturing. They provide traits like stain-resistance and water-resistance, but the risks outweigh the benefits. The chemicals can cause health risks when clothes are worn. They will seep into the environment after disposal.  

Water: After products with PFAs are disposed, the chemicals absorb into our soil, rivers, lakes, and streams. They contaminate our drinking water, impacting health. Scientists estimate there could be chemicals in over 200 million Americans’ drinking water.  

Food: Forever chemicals are often used to make food packaging products and non-stick sprays. They may also be in various types of fish due to PFAs in the water supply. Other types of food may also contain PFAs depending on its growing environment.  

Household Items: PFAs can be in various home goods including dental floss, cosmetics, mattress pads and more. They are also found in toilet paper. The chemicals in toilet paper can lead to health risks. They also contaminate wastewater leading an endless cycle of PFA prevalence.  

PFAs in Toilet Paper 

Researchers in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology Letters conducted a study to determine the PFAs in toilet paper. They extracted PFAs from toilet paper sold in North, South, and Central America, Africa, and Western Europe and analyzed them for various compounds.  

They found polyfluoroalkyl phosphates to be the primary PFA detected in toilet paper. These chemicals can convert to more stable chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid, a potential carcinogenic. They went on to measure PFAS in sewage water and found that toilet paper was a major contributor to forever chemicals in wastewater.  

Avoiding PFAs in Toilet Paper 

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid PFAs in toilet paper. You can use bamboo toilet paper.  

Bamboo toilet paper is free of PFAs and other harmful chemicals. It is made from a sustainable crop that does not require many natural resources to grow. It is completely biodegradable and will not damage the environment.  

RB Life Brands is doing its part to save the environment by making bamboo toilet paper more accessible. We provide affordable subscription services that deliver our products straight to your door. We offer first-time and sign-up discounts and free shipping.  

Contact us- let’s save the world together.  


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