RB Life Brands Wipes Up Pollution, Achieves Plastic Neutral Status with Tidey

RB Life Brands Wipes Up Pollution, Achieves Plastic Neutral Status with Tidey

RB Life Brands has earned certification with environmental non-profit Tidey.  

Get ready to flush for good! RB Life Brands, the maker of premium bamboo toilet paper, announces a groundbreaking partnership with Tidey, a leading non-profit tackling the global plastic pollution crisis. This collaboration signifies a monumental step towards environmental responsibility, as RB Life Brands proudly becomes certified as plastic neutral. 

This achievement underscores RB Life Brands' unwavering commitment to sustainability. Every roll of their bamboo-based toilet paper now offsets the plastic footprint of their entire operation, ensuring that conscious consumers can enjoy ultimate comfort without contributing to plastic pollution. 

“The urgency is undeniable. The state of the ocean is a disgrace. Our oceans are drowning in plastic, which is threatening marine life and ecosystems,” said John Dimitrakakisis, CEO of RB Life Brands. "By joining with Tidey, RB Life Brands is again, demonstrating our dedication to Wiping Responsibly.”  

A global leader in the fight against plastic pollution, Tidey tackles the issue head-on by preventing plastic from entering our oceans. Through collaborative partnerships, Tidey raises awareness, advocates for policy change, and inspires individuals and businesses to join the fight for cleaner seas and a healthier planet.  

RB Life Brands shows its commitment to sustainability through its 100% premium, FSC-certified, 3-ply bamboo toilet paper. This hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and septic tank-friendly product prioritizes both environmental and consumer well-being. Additionally, it avoids harmful chemicals like bleach, dyes, and inks, and uses recyclable packaging. 

RB Life Brands 

RB Life Brands is a family-owned business dedicated to offering sustainable and socially responsible products for everyday life. Their flagship product, premium bamboo toilet paper sets a new standard for environmental responsibility while ensuring ultimate comfort. Owned and operated in America. 

About Tidey 

Tidey, formerly known as Repurpose Recycling, is a company dedicated to eradicating ocean plastic pollution and driving positive societal change in Guatemala. Through its comprehensive efforts to collect and recycle ocean and ocean-bound plastics, Tidey not only restores the health of marine ecosystems but also creates employment opportunities for marginalized communities. Tidey’s approach embodies a fusion of environmental responsibility and social empowerment, making it a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable practices. 

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