Is Toilet Paper Toxic? Find Out What Chemicals are Lurking in Your Toilet Paper

Is Toilet Paper Toxic? Find Out What Chemicals are Lurking in Your Toilet Paper

There is a growing awareness of the harmful chemicals in self-care products. Sulfates in shampoos, heavy metals in cosmetics, and parabens in lotions are just some of the toxins to be aware of. But did you know there can also be dangerous chemicals in your toilet paper?

Many toilet papers contain chemicals that cause skin irritation and serious medical conditions. Fortunately, bamboo toilet paper presents a chemical-free solution. Read on to learn why you should stock it in your bathroom.

Is Toilet Paper Toxic?

Toilet paper can be manufactured with various harmful chemicals. Higher concentrations of chemicals are found in papers advertised as scented, or super soft and fluffy. Here are some toxins to be aware of.


We all love a great-smelling toilet paper. But most fragrances are chemical-based. The chemicals can offset the vagina’s pH balance and irritate the anus and vagina.


Ever wonder how they get toilet paper to look so bright and white? Chlorine bleach is your answer. It’s great for making toilet paper look super sanitary, but it’s a leading cause of vaginal infections. If you get yeast infections often, it could be due to the bleach in your toilet paper.

Dioxins and Furans

As if chlorine bleach wasn’t bad enough… the bleaching process can also leave behind toxic byproducts that cause chronic acne, increased fat levels in the blood, liver conditions, reproductive issues, and cancer.

BPA (bisphenol A)

Recycled toilet paper is a sustainable choice for eco-friendly consumers. But it is likely to contain BPA. The chemical is often used to coat printed materials like receipts, flyers, and shipping labels. It may remain on these items after they are recycled into toilet paper. It disrupts hormonal function and may cause issues with the immune, neurological, and cardiovascular systems.


Formaldehyde is used to strengthen toilet paper, so it holds up well, even when damp. However, this chemical is a known carcinogen. It may also irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory system.

Petroleum-Based Mineral Oils and Paraffin

These chemicals are added to toilet paper to make it smell nice and feel soft. Some manufacturers will advertise toilet paper as containing vitamin E or aloe, to make it seem like it is beneficial to the skin. However, the products are infused with mineral oils that can cause irritation, acne, and cancer.

Bamboo Toilet Paper is a Non-Toxic Solution

You can’t avoid toilet paper altogether, but you can use a chemical free toilet paper that does not contain nasty toxins. Bamboo toilet paper is an ideal solution.

Bamboo toilet paper is made from small pieces of the bamboo plant. It is processed with heat and water and cleaned and bleached without chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. Its biodegradable properties make it a healthy choice for consumers and the environment.

RB Life Brands is Your Choice for Chemical Free Toilet Paper

So, are there any downsides to bamboo toilet paper? Well, it can be expensive and difficult to find, but RB Life Brands makes it way more accessible. We offer affordable, high-quality bamboo toilet paper through a money-saving subscription. You can save even more with free shipping, and new subscriber and friend referral discounts.

Connect with us to learn more about our sustainable bamboo toilet paper products and services.

By Marissa Bergen

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