Earth Day Quiz! Are You an Eco-Einstein?

Earth Day Quiz! Are You an Eco-Einstein?

Earth Day is finally here! A time to celebrate our amazing planet and recommit and reflect on protecting its future. But how much do you REALLY know about the environmental challenges we face? Are you an eco-conscious guru or in need of a refresher course? Take our Earth Day Quiz and find out! 

Grab your thinking cap and a reusable water bottle (because hydration is key!), and let's get started! 

Round 1: Climate Change Basics 

1. What greenhouse gas is most responsible for climate change? 

  • a) Oxygen (O₂)
  • b) Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)
  • c) Helium (He)
  • d) Nitrogen (N₂)
2. The burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil contributes to climate change by: 
  • a) Creating giant dust clouds that block sunlight
  • b) Releasing heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere
  • c) Making the Earth spin faster
  • d) Turning our oceans into fizzy soda
3. What is the main consequence of rising global temperatures? 
  • a) More epic snowball fights!
  • b) More extreme weather events like floods and droughts
  • c) A sudden and dramatic decrease in the number of cat videos online (yikes!)
  • d) All of the above

Round 2: Eco-Mythbusters 

1. Leaving the lights on in an empty room wastes energy. True or False? 

2. Recycling plastic is always the best option for plastic waste. True or False? 

3. Planting trees helps combat climate change. True or False? 

Round 3: Earth Day Action Hero 

Which of these is NOT a sustainable practice? 

  • a) Using a reusable shopping bag

  • b) Taking shorter showers to conserve water

  • c) Leaving the TV on standby mode even when not watching
  • d) Riding a bike for short errands instead of driving
Imagine you have a superpower to make one positive change for the Earth. What would it be? 
  • a) The ability to instantly clean up all plastic pollution in the oceans
  • b) The power to make everyone walk on sunshine (because it's good for the environment, and hey, sunshine!)
  • c) Granting all plants the ability to talk and tell us their environmental needs
  • d) Bestowing everyone with the knowledge and resources to live a sustainable lifestyle
What is one habit you can change to be more eco-friendly?
  • a) Switch to bamboo toilet paper
  • b) Leave the air conditioner on when you’re away
  • c) Drive a car with a V8 engine
  • d) All of the above

What date do we celebrate Earth Day 2024? 

  • a) January 1 
  • b) April 22 
  • c) December 17 
  • d) April 20 

Ready to check your answers? 

Scroll down to see how you scored! 

Answer Key: 

  1. b) Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) 
  2. b) Releasing heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere 
  3. d) All of the above 
  4. True 
  5. False (Sometimes recycling isn't the best option, reducing and reusing plastic whenever possible is even better!) 
  6. True 
  7. c) Leaving the TV on standby mode even when not watching 
  8. (This is an open ended question, any answer that promotes sustainability is a great choice!) 
  9. A) Switch to bamboo toilet paper 
  10. b)


  • 8-10 Correct: Eco-Einstein! You're a sustainability superstar! Keep up the amazing work, and maybe consider sharing your eco-knowledge with others. 
  • 5-7 Correct: Eco-Enthusiast! You're on the right track. Keep learning and taking action to make a difference. 
  • 3-4 Correct: Eco-Curious? No worries! Earth Day is a great time to learn more about climate change and how you can help. There are tons of resources available online and in your community. 

Remember, Earth Day is just the beginning! Every day is a chance to make a positive impact and wipe responsibly! 


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