How is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

How is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

Many of us have heard that bamboo toilet paper is soft, durable, and chemical-free. But there are still a few skeptics out there. Questions like, “How does bamboo toilet paper get so soft without chemicals?” and “Is bamboo toilet paper scratchy?” are concerns that may cause a person to doubt bamboo as an effective toilet paper product.  

An understanding of how to make toilet paper from bamboo will provide insight into its chemical-free manufacturing methods. And we promise not to bore you in the process!  

How to Make Toilet Paper from Bamboo 

Growing the Bamboo 

The first step in bamboo toilet paper production involves growing the bamboo. Bamboo’s rapid growth makes this process efficient. Bamboo can grow more than 35 inches in a day- much faster than trees that take 10 to 120 years to mature. It solves the issue of deforestation.  

Bamboo also does not require environmentally damaging pesticides and fertilizers to grow. It requires minimal water and irrigation. It also produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide to improve the environment.   

Making the Toilet Paper 

The bamboo is cut into small pieces and pulped with heat and water. The process does not require any chemicals. It is cleaned and bleached without hydrogen peroxide or chlorine.  

The Toilet Paper is Pressed 

The pulped fibers are soaked, pressed, and formed into paper. They are left to dry until the ideal moisture level is attained. Then they are cut into small rolls which are packaged and shipped to retailers. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper vs. Regular 

Now that you know how to make toilet paper from bamboo, you can see that it is an environmentally friendly alternative to regular toilet paper. To break it down: 

  • Bamboo grows faster than trees, so it does not pose the risk of deforestation 
  • Bamboo does not require as much water as toilet paper to harvest 
  • Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant so it does not require pesticides that can damage the environment 
  • Bamboo can be pressed without chemicals, so it is less likely to irritate your skin and damage the environment after disposal.  

Bamboo is also biodegradable. It will not contribute to landfill waste. It will break down easily as it passes through your plumbing system, so it is less likely to cause clogs.  

RB Life Brands Makes Bamboo Toilet Paper Convenient and Affordable 

There are some downsides to bamboo toilet paper. It can be expensive and difficult to find. RB Life Brands presents a convenient and affordable solution.  

We provide subscription services that deliver bamboo toilet paper straight to your door. You never have to worry about access issues. We offer 20% off your first purchase and an additional 10% off on subscriptions. You can save even more with our free shipping and refer-a-friend discounts.  

Bamboo toilet paper is sustainable and soft. And, thanks to RB Life Brands, it's affordable and easy to find. Contact us to learn more about why it’s the MVP and TP. Sign up for our newsletter to save on your first order.


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